Critter Bios

Mr. Orange

 You already know me-heehee! I mostly love to bask in the California sun in order to keep my ripe glow. Although, I do like to see what all the other critters are up to from time to time. I like it the most when we are all doing fun things together.

Bun Bun

My name is Bun Bun, and I'm not the only one! There are a few of us hopping around, and we love to garden! So the next time you are tending your potted plant look closely, because one of us may be digging around. Also, every year the Easter Bun Bun makes his appearance and leave some little eggs, so keep your eyes peeled!

Yellow Chirpie

 Hi! I'm Yellow Chirpie, and I am one of the singing quartet. My sing-song buddies and I love to fly around the gardens that the Bun Buns work in and sing our little songs. We like to sing to an audience (whether they do or not), so listen closely and I'm sure you'll hear us!

Sweet Peg

  Oink! My name is Sweet Peg and I'm a piggy! I'm a little bit lazy unless there are sweets around for me to devour. When it comes to sweets, I'm so motivated- whether it's making them or seeking them out. Either way, I always want to enjoy myself, even if I have to get a job done. So come on! Let's have some fun.

Inky and Jinky

Hi there! We're Inky and Jinky and we're twins-well except for our color! But how else would you be able to tell us apart? We loved playing with the other critter so much, that we followed them home all the way from the Oregon coast. Even though we are away from our ocean, we'll still find any excuse to get in some water!

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